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1) Copyright

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3) Disclaimer of content warranties

KOKUYO Group pays careful attention to the selection of information presented on this site, but makes no express or implied warranties whatsoever with respect to the accuracy and integrity of the information provided. KOKUYO Group assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any errors or omissions related to the content of this site. KOKUYO Group assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damages resulting from the use of this site.

The URL, composition, terms of use and other aspects of this site may be revised or terminated without notice.

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5)Future performance

KOKUYO Group may provide information regarding its future business and performance on this site. Such information is to any extent an immediate prediction at the time of its disclosure, and may contain risks or uncertainty. The actual business and performance of KOKUYO Group may differ considerably from the information provided on the site depending on various unforeseen factors. These may relate to such matters as the economic situation and market trends surrounding the business of KOKUYO Group. Therefore, you should refrain from relying solely on such information.

6)Contributing ideas, etc.

In a certain section of the content on this site, KOKUYO Group may solicit ideas, etc., from the public. In such an event, the handling of the received idea will be subject to the conditions specified in the application guidelines, provided in the relevant section of the content of this site.
Other than the method provided above, KOKUYO Group does not solicit ideas, etc., from the public on this site, or through electronic mail or land mail.
In spite of the preceding paragraph, if you send your ideas, etc., to KOKUYO Group by electronic mail, land mail or other means, KOKUYO assumes that you have accepted the following terms regarding the ideas, etc., that you have sent.

Copyright of all materials including proposals, ideas and opinions sent to KOKUYO Group shall belong to KOKUYO Group.
KOKUYO Group shall not assume an obligation of confidentiality regarding the proposals sent.
KOKUYO Group shall not assume obligation to consider, evaluate or adopt the proposals sent.
As KOKUYO Group conducts daily product development on its own, ideas being studied at KOKUYO Group may overlap with your ideas at the time you send them in.
Even in the event that the same idea as, or similar idea to the proposal you have sent in is adopted in its entirety or in part to a future product, KOKUYO Group assumes no responsibility whatsoever to the proposer, this includes payment for compensation or remuneration.

7)Privacy protection

This site treats personal information of its users with respect, and KOKUYO Group strives for the protection of your privacy. Please see “Personal Information Protection Policy” for details.

8)Governing laws and court of jurisdiction

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