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Simple design inspires energy and vitality.

AIRGRACE office chair is full of dynamic design style,

bright colors give colorful space, the seemingly simple frame design not only makes the chair itself look elegant and beautiful, but also makes it easier to create a sense of design for various indoor spaces.

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Ultimate Lumbar Support

The Air technology assist in pumping air from the lumbar bar that inflate the shape of the lumbar bar to give a better support at the lower lumbar area. By having the lumbar support at the lower area, it helps to improve the sitting posture.

3D Adjustable Armrest (side to side/ front to back)

The armrests can be adjusted both side to side and front to back to suit the user’s body shape and working postures. The armrest plastic parts wrapped with PU providing soft touch to users.

Synchronized Mechanism

The synchronized mechanism adjusts the angle between the backrest and the seat for optimum comfort. The strength is fully adjustable to suit the user’s personal preferences.

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AIRGRACE reflects an Energetic and lively design.

The frame design depicts an unlimited true expression of freedom and artistic value. By leaving the chair alone, it symbolises a fashion statement by itself. Whether is in a casual environment, to a designer’s ambience, AIRGRACE set your imaginations wild! It provides an endless choice of creating your own fashion statement from within.