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Regarding the KOKUYO Group’s Personal Information Protection Policy
Except for cases that the company has established separately, KOKUYO Co., Ltd. and KOKUYO Group companies (as a general rule, refers to the consolidated subsidiary companies and associated companies of KOKUYO Co., Ltd. as specified on the KOKUYO Co., Ltd. homepage, but also including other companies expressly approved by KOKUYO Co., Ltd.; hereinafter referred to as “KOKUYO Group”) hereby establish the following “Personal Information Protection Policy”, which they endeavor to protect in relation to the handling of information that could be used to identify specific individuals, such as customers, clients and related persons served in the course of business (hereinafter referred to as “personal information”).

Regarding acquisition of personal information

Personal information is obtained by legal and fair means.`

Regarding use of personal information

The purpose of use of the personal information obtained shall be specified and made as clear as possible.
Personal information is used within the scope of the purpose of use by persons having jurisdiction according to their specific work, and only within the necessary scope according to said work.
In case personal information is shared for use throughout KOKUYO Group, the necessary items such as purpose of use, etc. shall be specified and made as clear as possible. (Only applicable to companies subject to shared use)

Regarding disclosure/provision of personal information to third parties

Except for in the following cases, personal information shall not be disclosed/provided to third parties without obtaining the consent of the individual.
1) When disclosed/provided in a state where the individual cannot be identified (statistical data, etc.)
2) When disclosed/provided to a subcontractor within the scope necessary for performance of work
3) When business is inherited through merger, company split, business transfer or other reasons
4) When based on laws and ordinances, etc.

Regarding management of personal information (safety management measures)

Appropriate safety measures are taken in order to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, as well as loss, falsification and leakage, etc. of personal information.
In case of commissioning the handling of personal information, an appropriate contract shall be entered into with the consignee covering the details of safety management measures, and the necessary measures shall be taken to ensure that the consignee practices thorough management and supervision, etc.
Regulations regarding the handling of personal information shall be established and reliably performed, and these regulations shall be improved on a continuous basis.

Regarding disclosure, correction and suspension of use, etc. of personal information

In case there has been a request for the disclosure, correction or suspension of use, etc. of one’s own personal information, this will be dealt with after confirming that it is the individual who is making the request.
Moreover, inquiries including questions and complaints regarding personal information are accepted at the KOKUYO Customer Relations Office.

Inquiries regarding personal information

Adherence to laws and ordinances, etc.

Together with adhering to laws and ordinances regarding the handling of personal information and other standards, we shall endeavor to continuously review and improve the contents of this Personal Information Protection Policy.

Regarding the handling of personal information retained by KOKUYO Group
Purposes of use

KOKUYO Group uses the personal information it retains for the following purposes.

1. Personal information regarding customers and clients such as suppliers, etc.

To communicate regarding transactions, etc.
To provide products/services handled by KOKUYO Group
To perform contracts entered into with KOKUYO Group
To give notifications relating to products/services handled by KOKUYO Group or guidance regarding related services
To give guidance regarding fairs/events, etc. held by (organized/jointly sponsored/supported by) KOKUYO Group
To request product monitoring or questionnaire surveys, etc. and to develop better products/services
To respond to inquiries, requests for materials and other demands, etc.
For other purposes previously agreed to

2. Personal information relating to shareholders

To exercise/perform duty of rights based on Companies Act
To send and communicate annual reports and other distributed materials
To perform shareholder management such as producing shareholder data by means of prescribed standards based on various laws and ordinances
To accomplish business relating to creation/submission of payment reports

3. Personal information relating to employment applicants

To perform employee screening and nominee management

4. Personal information relating to participants/members, etc. of organizations with which our company is affiliated

To perform management of cooperative work and related communication, consultation, consideration, provision of information and giving/receiving distributed materials, etc.

5. Personal information relating to residents in areas neighboring our company’s facilities

To make contact in case of emergency and other necessary situations

6. Personal information relating to subjects in footage taken by security cameras installed within our company’s facilities

To prevent crime and maintain safety within facilities

7. Personal information relating to retired persons, etc.

To pay retirement pensions, etc.
To make necessary communication regarding reunion activities such as get-togethers for old employees
To make necessary communication for memorials of the deceased
Provision of information regarding company situation

Regarding use outside of the above-mentioned purposes of use

In case personal information is used outside of the above-mentioned purposes of use, consent shall be obtained from the individual. (This excludes cases approved by laws and ordinances, etc.)

Regarding shared use of personal information (only applicable to companies subject to shared use)

The personal information retained by the company is subject to shared use as outlined below.

Regarding shared use by KOKUYO Group

Regarding use of cookies

Our company uses cookie technology in order to ensure that users enjoy a user-friendly experience with the KOKUYO Group website.
Cookies are a device by which data is temporarily written and saved to a website visitor’s computer through their browser by the website provider in order to facilitate efficient use of the Internet and measure effects of the conditions of use.
By using cookies, the computer being used by the user can be identified, but the user cannot be identified as the data does not contain any information that specifies the individual user.
The user can refuse receipt of cookies by configuring their browser accordingly. For methods of browser configuration, please contact the manufacturer.

Regarding procedure complying with disclosure of personal information, etc.

KOKUYO Group deals with requests from the individual or a representative thereof for disclosure/change/suspension of use/deletion of retained personal information, as well as suspension of provision of retained personal information to third parties, as outlined below.

1. “Where to send demands for disclosure, etc.”

Demands for disclosure, etc. should be made by mailing with enclosure of the prescribed handling charge and postage stamps of the correct value for postage costs, after attaching to the prescribed application form the documents necessary for ID confirmation.

Application for Disclosure of Retained Personal Data

Application for Revision of Retained Personal Data

Documents for ID confirmation

Copy of official document such as driver’s license or passport, etc. 1 item
Moreover, in case the person making the “demand for disclosure, etc.” is a legal representative or an agent whom the individual has entrusted, please enclose the following documents in addition to the documents described in the preceding paragraph.

In case of legal representative

Legal Representative Declaration 1 copy
Document confirming legal authority to act as agent 1 copy
(Also accepted: official copy of family register, or, in case of person exercising parental authority, copy of insurance card on which one’s dependents are entered)
Document confirm role as legal representative of minor or guardian of adult 1 copy
(Cope of official document such as legal representative’s driver’s license or passport, etc.)

In case of entrusted agent

Power of Attorney 1 copy
Individual’s certificate of official registration of seal 1 copy

Please see important points on application form for further details.

2. Handling charge and collection method for “demand for disclosure, etc.”t

A handling charge of 1,000 yen is required for each disclosure demand.(Please enclose the same amount of postage stamps to the application documents.)

In case the handling charge was insufficient or was not enclosed, you will be notified of this, but in case there is no payment forthcoming within the specified period, the application for disclosure shall be deemed null and void. Please see important points on application form for further details.

3. Method of response to “demand for disclosure, etc.”

A response will be given in writing, sent to the applicant’s address as stated in the application form.

4. “Purpose of use” of personal information obtained in relation to demand for disclosure, etc.

Personal information obtained in relation to a demand for disclosure, etc. shall be handled only within the necessary scope of the demand for disclosure, etc.

5. Regarding reasons for non-disclosure of “retained personal data”

In the cases established below, non-disclosure shall be applied. In case a decision of non-disclosure has been made, notification of this will be given together with an explanation. Also note that the prescribed handling charge will be taken even in case of non-disclosure.

In case it is not possible to make ID confirmation because of differences between the address stated in the application form and the address stated in the documents confirming the qualification of a representative.
In case the authority of representation cannot be confirmed when an application is made by a representative.
In case something was missing in the prescribed written application.
In case the retained personal data does not correspond to that for which disclosure is demanded.
In case there is concern regarding potential damage to the life, body, assets or other rights and interests of the individual or of a third party
In case there is concern regarding potential significant obstruction to the company’s suitable performance of its business.
In other cases established in laws and ordinances, and in case of potential violation of laws and ordinances.

6. Where to send applications

Customer Relations Office, KOKUYO Co., Ltd.
6-1-1 Oimazatominami, Higashinari-ku, Osaka-shi 537-8686

MAY 30, 2017

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